PLANT SEROLOGY Finger Lime Caviar Rescue Skin Serum is backed by plant biology x science, as designed by nature's blueprint.

By reducing ingredient lists to the pure plant-based actives suspended in a liquid matrix ready to perform, this is the answer we’ve long been searching for.

You could say as humans we have lost our way. 

We were once intrinsically connected to the cycles of earth & plant wisdom that provided us with everything we needed to survive.

By reconnecting with nature we can see that the solutions we have been searching for have been around us all along - we just needed a new lense to see.

Our authentic lense to see that we don’t need to synthesise solutions when they are all around us in nature, we just needed to find a way to harness them, and we have.

We have created a brand that is honestly and transparently powered by the force of nature.

Our story of harnessing the power of plant biology has just begun.