Ethical Extract Delivery System

Glycerine and water delivery system


Why is there glycerin and water in my serum?

You need a liquid matrix to suspend the natural molecules extracted from the fruit and we have chosen a gentle hydrating delivery system that supports hydration.

The extraction process uses high pressure and is rapid to maintain the integrity of the natural molecules which is different to the past processes that couldn't harness the natural vit C. 

Our glycerin is gentle, food grade, vegetable, US Pharmacopeia approved, Kosher and Halal certified, and palm oil-free.

We don’t macerate or percolate or synthetically standardise our extracts, we use a powerful Cellular Extraction process that is rapid, under high pressure to maintain the integrity of the natural molecules.

It delivers the water soluble phyto-compounds, and their derivatives, as they exist in the cell, in their synergistic relationships, the water soluble entourage. This means we use less plant matter and reduce over-harvesting.

Our water is rain harvested and purified so we don’t take from our precious public supply.