Plant Science Revolution

Since 2015 we have been working and testing with NATIVE EXTRACTS, the innovators of the world's first Cellular Extraction technology, and creators of the largest library of Australian native water-soluble plant profiling, which launched in 2012.

The Cellular Extracts capture and maintains the integrity of the natural molecules as they exist inside the plant cell. Our plant actives are suspended in a liquid matrix that mimics the cell environment, so when they go from plant to bottle they never know they’ve left the plant. So, you can feed natural water soluable phyto-compounds directly to your skin. Our bodies are built to recognise natural molecules, and naturally know what to do with them.

Simply, serums deliver what is found in nature to your skin. 

We chose to partner with NATIVE EXTRACTS because they developed a breakthrough in harnessing the natural vitamin-c molecule in a water soluable format.  These guys know their stuff and continue to innovate and evolve the plant extraction processes.